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Reduce your stammer naturally and easily with these simple self help techniques
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Note: Please remember the difference in price for international orders is purely the cost of getting a physical CD to your location in the post.

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This CD consists of me guiding you into trance, and then using visualization and anchoring techniques to allow you to make positive changes at an unconscious level. Listen to your CD every day for 30 days, preferrably when you go to bed.

It works best to listen to your recording in a quiet, comfortable place, where you can ensure you won't be disturbed for the required time. Don't worry if you fall asleep. Your unconscious mind will still be able to hear and respond to the suggestions.

Any questions or problems to clear up before you make your purchase, please contact me by: .

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SPECIAL BONUS for international buyers! (CD purchases only) Any MP3 purchase has INSTANT DOWNLOAD. However, if you order a physical CD, you will, in addition, have INSTANT access to download the MP3 as well. Your physical CD will follow along in the post as normal. Thank you for your order. I hope that you will find the recording useful and beneficial.

How to pay for your CD by Bank Transfer
It is possible to pay by BACS (in GBP only) if you are set up for internet banking. Please me for the details and account number, and remember to email me afterwards to tell me where to send your CD.

How to pay for your CD by   Royal Mail  
Many people still prefer to use the post and so I am happy to receive a UK cheque (payable to "Philip Chave").
Please send it to: The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU.

Don't forget to include your return address, telephone, email address, and the CD you are ordering. Expect a short delay while your cheque clears. Thank You.

For optimum results please try to listen to your hypnosis CD everyday for a minimum of 30 days. Try to be as consistent as possible in order that you might achieve your goals.

FACT: It is estimated that around 1% of the worldwide population stutter and stammer. In the United States, that's over 3 million Americans who stutter, and over 600,000 stammerers in the United Kingdom. If you have a family member in that number, why not help them by ordering a CD on their behalf? It could be the best gift you ever send!

Cautionary Note: Please don't play or listen to your hypnosis CD while you are driving or operating machinery.

Medical Disclaimer: Please remember, Distant Healer or The Haven Healing Centre products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases or medical conditions. They are for educational purposes only. Please consult your GP, consultant or medical practitioner for any medical advice.

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